So I have too many ideas that involve so many creatures that I created any so many characters and anything and everything, and I just NEEEEED to write it all down. So it's time for the first crisscross mix-matched crossover craziness: Spinning Twists. Whether it's getting put into a roller coaster, or adding a twist to a character's life, it's all spinning around in my mind and ready to be stopped.

Spinning Clouds

Starring Meist, a brief appearance of Marilyn, I.Scipy, and one of Meist's best tricks: The Dizzy Rain Tunnel

Gathered in front of Monsters University was a group of people, some students, some other creatures, and one human. A mint green pegasus flapped her wings. A small yellow tabby cat hopped excitedly. A girl in a red outfit with a flimsy headband and large, blue-furred boots watched. Two students, an eight-legged lizard and a winged reptile, were there to. The pegasus flapped her wings again. "So, who here's small enough for a pegasus to carry?" Marilyn, the winged student, raised her hand. "Mike should be small enough." Meist looked around. "Mike doesn't seem to be here. Are there any other students who can do this around his height?" "ME!" the cat screamed. "Besides the insane cat," said the pegasus, rolling her eyes. "THAT'S ME!" said the hyper cat, jumping into the air. "Well there's Randy," said the human. I.Scipy grabbed Randall by the shoulders and dragged him over to Meist.

Holding Randy in one hoof and the other hoof forwards, Meist flapped her wings and flew up. She flew gently through the clouds in a circle. "Now, the water in the clouds will spin around us like we're in a water slide, and then the clouds will do the same to make a tunnel. You'll get really dizzy, so that's why I can this," she started flying at top speed. "THE DIZZY RAIN TUNNEL!" Randall gulped. Meist kept on flying, eyes narrowed and focus on pulling the clods around them. Randall screamed and realized they were flying through the clouds. Rain started to hit them.

Hearing her cousin scream, Marilyn flew up. The clouds became tube-like, like sections of a water slide, as they began to spin. She followed her cousin's screaming and flew towards him. The cloud was spinning to fast and she yelped as it flung her away. Quickly recovering, she flew back down to the ground.

Meanwhile, in the clouds, the water and clouds began to swirl around them. Randall's screams became silent under the sound of spinning clouds. "Almost... Almost..." The pegasus muttered, still wrapping the clouds around them. Then the clouds got larger and were no longer spinning because of Meist. "NOW!" She flew at top speed through then spinning tunnel. The noise died down and Randall's screams could be heard once again. Meist flew down from the sky as the clouds flew apart. Randall's eyes were spinning. "The Dizzy Rain Tunnel," she said, spreading her hooves wide and dropping the dizzy reptile.

"Can I go now?" asked Scipy, the insane cat. "Well.uh..I guess so..I mean... I guess she coulddo it in the background...I..I don't wanna put on a show..If..if that's okay with you guys..I..."

Marilyn Flamel

Starring creator abilities, I.Scipy, Wisardstar, Randall, and Treecko

The girl stood on the rooftop. A pegasus flew in next to her. Two cats hopped onto the roof. Meist noticed that pacing in front of them was a lizard, long and purple, with eight legs. This was Treecko, one of the creatures Wisardstar  had created known as a 'wolf'. The Wolves were cloned after Sulley, and the wolf-lizards were cloned after Randall. They look the same, but they commonly ran on all legs, and were more of warrior creatures then monsters. Treecko was named after a Pokemon like most significant creatures. He couldn't turn invisible, and his eyes were brown, but he was a wolf-lizard and that made him talented. The cats were identical, one was Scipy and the other Wisardstar, but Scipy's eyes were larger and a brighter blue. 

They were watching Marilyn and Randall. "Marilyn was originally my monster form," I.Scipy said, "She does have a spark," she snapped her fingers. "of creator magic, although she doesn't know it."

It's All in the Files

Starring Mike

Today there was a new visitor at Monsters Inc. She was mint green with wings. Just before quitting time, this pegasus flew through the window. She flew in front of Mike and screamed "FILE YOUR PAPERWORK!" After going on his date, Mike asked why she did that. "Because if you did, Randy would've been banished. You're the cetorof the plot, Mike," She clapped her hooves toghether, making a spark. "You've got a spark of creator magic. Now go practice and make a key."

Mike was in is office later, creating objests and throwing tem over his shoulder. "...Hat, no....Randall, no...Door, no..." he continued to throw objects over his shoulder. "Toxic ball, no, folder, no, key, no!" He froze the key inidair an inch from his hand. "Wait, key? Yes! It did it!" he said, grabbing the key out of the air. He hopped over the stuff and ran to show it to the pegasus.

"Good job, Mike.  You did it. Now, why is there a Randall clone on your office?" "Uh.." She clapped her hooves together and all the stuff exploded into fireworks. "Impresive." She said, tossing him the clone. "Keep it as a dog. Wisardstar is great at making warriors by doing that."

And finally.... BONUS SCENE

A shadow moved closer to him. Footsteps echoded off the tile floor. And then Marilyn appeared.

Paragraphs later....

Some say he was banished, others say he was invisible and lurking in their homes to haunt them, and even others said he died in a prison, but none suspected the truth. And he was never heard from again.


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