Background Imformation
First Appearance Unknown
Inspiration Secret Origin
Basic Imformation
Full Name He doesn't have a last name, but I would appreciate it if you suggested one
Age 10 3/4
Birthday December 18th
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Equipment 3DS
Notable Facts Unlike most daydream beings, his eyes are normal. Look closely and you'll see a paler line through the center.
People they Associate With
Friends I.Scipy, Hail
Creator I.Scipy
Taylor is a human boy, and also a daydream being. He was designed along with Hail.


Taylor was made from daydreams. He was designed as a human, like most of the others. He is half a normal OC with a secret inspiration, and half a daydream being. He enjoys playing games on his 3DS (of course, I.Scipy has to own them, 'cause he's from her mind) and likes Toy Story movies. Strangely, he's seen Monsters, Inc., but not Monsters University. (Don't blame his origin :P) His favorite color is red. His favorite subject is math.


Taylor is almost 11 years old (10 and three quarters). He has black hair with brown streaks. He wears a red jacket with a hood. (And I forgot to draw on the zipper XD) He has black pants and shoes. His eyes are blue, with a lighter streak going from top right to bottom left, through the center. Look closely at the picture to see.


Taylor is kind, clever, and helpful.


  • He shares his inspiration with Random Wing, although Random Wing has a few clues and Taylor's personality is much less random.
  • If his shirt is ever visble under his jacket (first, I'll have to add the zipper I forgot), it will be a Toy Story related T-shirt.
  • He uses Bing, although I.Scipy uses Google and he has no access to the Internet.
  • Unlike Random Wing and most other Secret Origin characters, his appearence was not made to look different from his inspiration along with his personality. Because of this, his personality was made as different from the inspiration as possible.

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