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Welcome! This is where you can learn all about the terms I use. You may find it very interesting.

It would be great if all new users could read this.

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Best Outside World Awards

Story of the month: CatClan's Story #1 by Invader Scipy

Character of the month: Colorchange by RoboPackers

User of the month: Derpyandgirarecute101

Secret Origin of the month: Navy Line

Universe of the month: Warrior Cats

Story of the month awards are given to stories that use the layout of realms, dimensions, and universes used by the founder of this realm. (Invader Scipy) Character of the month awards are given to creators, dimension travelers of the clans in this realm, or anyone else we would like to point out. User of the month awards are given to users who have either became an official linked realm to ours (by RPing, collabs, etc.), friends of this realms members in other wikis, or have done good things for other wikis. Secret Origin of the month awards are given to S.O.s who are new, recently given powers, popular, or ignored (Example: 3 red links, no page). Universe of the month awards are given to the universe that is most active currently. (With Scipy, Dirpy, CEG, and so on..)

Weekly Updates and Data

A paragraph of info that comes every two weeks:

Time Holes, from M&L:PiT, are used in many places throughout the realm. They caused a battle in the Clans Branch. This is why normal are so dangerous.

Game Status: Inactive

Other Updates: I am currently working on a book. This wiki needs to be active.

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