Invader Scipy FishIrken
Background Imformation
First Appearance Unknown
Inspiration Her creator.
Basic Imformation
Full Name Scipy FishIrken
Age 11
Occupation Invader
Race Cat/human hybrid
Eye Color Blue
Clothing Leopard pattern dress
Weapons Claws, teeth, fire and water magic
Abilities shape-shifting
Notable Facts Wisardstar's quote: "In some lands you and I are one, in others you and I are separate."
People they Associate With
Family Wisardstar (sometimes her cat form)
Friends I.Scipy, Dib, Zim (one-sided), Meistenia
Pets Alphalpha
Minions None
Creator I.Scipy
 Invader Scipy is the half-cat, half-human invader who joined the Irken military during her dimention travelling. She can shape shift, usually using the form of a golden tabby cat or an Irken with a tail, paws, and a cat's mouth and ears. Scipy is currently in Zim's class at Skool. She sits behind Dib. In cat form, she is called Wisardstar. She is the leader of Catclan. She is based of of Invader Zim and Warriors.


Scipy is usually kind and will always yell at anyone who laughs at Dib in class. She is not afraid to interrupt and state her opinion or defend someone or something. She will do this when she goes with the other Irkens to the conventions the Tallest have (like Opreration Impending Doom II). Scipy also has a wise side which she usually uses in dreams that she sends. She does this in her cat form. Sometimes, Scipy is childish and crazy, like GIR. When she is like this, she talks in a voice similar to GIR's and sometimes shape shifts into Dib and runs around screaming "I WANT WAFFLES!"


Irken-human form
HNI 0022

In this form, Scipy has a head and body that is shaped like Zim's and Dib's heads and bodies. Her skin is green on her head, like an Irken. She has a cat's mouth instead of a normal mouth, cat ears on top of her head, and blue cat's eyes that are the same size as Dib's eyes. She wears a leopard fur dress and has paws for hands. Her legs are coverd in fur like a leopard. She has paws for feet and a tail. She is half cat, half human so she looks like this to show her cat side.

Cat formEdit

In her cat form, Scipy is a golden tabby cat with blue eyes, silver paws, and a silver chest and tail tip. She is very similar to Wisardstar.


  • Dib
  • School buses that come on time
  • Playing her ukulele
  • Skool
  • Sleeping
  • Candy
  • Singing
  • Making songs on the piano
  • Playing piano
  • Tomato soup
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Waffles
  • Breaking the 4th wall
  • Imitating GIR and Tallest Purple
  • Talking in a high pitched voice
  • Being happy
  • Gnawing on things like scissors (not the cutting part) and pencil grips ( she once said " I'm a gnawing mammal!" *takes scissors and bites on them* she also chews her pencil eraser while working on math.)
  • Drawing
  • Traveling to Invader Zim episodes just to claw Zim
  • Clawing Zim (she travels back in time to do it)
  • Acting
  • Running
  • Making prophecies
  • Hunting
  • Swimming
  • Archery
  • Traveling to "The Nightmare Begins" so she can randomly kill irkens in the crowd by taking of their PAKs (it's weird, but she likes killing Irkens in the past.)
  • Daydreaming
  • Handing out dead copies of students in her class that she can find in alternate realities on holidays (when Dib asked her why she was doing this, she said, "It's TRADITIONAL. Hi, Dib."
  • Swinging


  • Irken society
  • Tallest Purple
  • Poonchy (she HATES Poonchy like the Tallest hate Zim)
  • Anything about Dib dying (keep writing, I can handle it and I won't kill you, I just like dib)
  • School buses
  • School buses that taken a half  hour longer to get to school than you driving (or a parent driving you if you don't have a license) and that come late on Wednesdays
  • Vodnar Robins (a bird she made up named after two of her teachers in her home dimention)
  • People teasing Dib
  • Thursdays
  • Acini Di Pepe
  • Many kinds of pasta
  • Many kinds of meat
  • Monkeys
  • Negative numbers
  • Her sister's drawings
  • Her sister (but not that much because she let her join her clan)
  • Adults (just her parents and teachers) in her home dimention (she finds them a little annoying)
  • Most nonfiction



Zim and Scipy argue alot, but they can be friendly at times. Scipy is determined to help Zim along and get him to achieve his proper destiny, but she only does this when Zim has a major problem. In class, she usually yells at Zim to stop teasing Dib and tries to prove he's an alien. Scipy will be on Zim's side and maybe even claw Dib to keep Zim from being noticed and/or dying. She sends Zim dream messages a lot more than she does to anyone else.


Scipy has a huge crush on Dib, but it's unknown if Dib feels the same way. She can get along with Dib, and won't tease him about anything exept for his fear of a moose. Scipy will defend Dib, and will claw anyone who teases him multiple times. However, Scipy will leave Dib's side and somethimes even claw him to keep Zim alive and keep people from noticing Zim. She does feel bad for Dib, and doesn't ever think his head is big. On her first day of school, she said, "DIB'S HEAD IS NOT BIG! I like his head. His head is smart. His head looks COOL. DIB. DOES. NOT. HAVE. A. BIG. HEAD. *glares at Poonchy*"


Scipy gets along well with Tak, and tells her she would make Tak an invader if she could. Tak is good friends with Scipy and is trained by her.


Scipy gets along well with Gaz, and helps her strengthen her powers. Gaz is trained by Scipy along with Tak.


  • Scipy is the Invader Zim form of her creator.
    • Scipy FishIrken is also one of her creator's pen names. The others are n, Wisardstar, and the letter A with a zigzag through it.
  • Scipy uses an algebra math textbook  
  • Wisardstar and Scipy were created in 2011.
  • Scipy has been to these dimentions:
    • Wreck-it Ralph (movie)
    • Harry Potter (first two movies)
    • Super Mario (a few games)
    • Sonic the Hedgehog (a few games)
    • Warriors (all published books)
    • Invader Zim Shipping Fanon Wiki (the website your on right now)
    • Invader Zim (TV series)
    • Robot and Monster (TV series)
    • Spongebob Squarepants (TV series)
    • Regular Show (TV series)
    • House of Anubis (TV series)
    • Poke'mon (Black and White version)
  • Scipy has attended  four schools: three in her creator's dimention, and Skool.
  • Scipy created many singing groups during her dimention traveling and also many battle groups.
  • She describes many songs "spirital".
  • Scipy says mooses instead of moose.

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