Meistenia - The realm's secratary. She travels to other realms to collect information. Is currently dating President of the Mushroom Kingdom Branch. (Yes, I know she is creepy. Go look at Nightmare Meist) Co-Leader of the Monsters Inc. Branch along with Marilyn.

Scipy - Keeps track of all of the realms. Is dating Dib. Leader of the Invader Zim Branch.

Wisardstar - Trains genarls and canon characters. Leader of the Clans Branch.

I.Scipy - The leader of everything in the realm. Hires new creators and gives instructions to OCs. Leader of the Anubis Branch.


These are trained for battle and to be experts on the realm for canon characters

Applejack - Skilled with earth. Is good at kicking and running.

Rainbow Dash - Very fast. Trained with Applejack.

Randolf Spellshine - From Wizard101, a very minor branch. Is one of the two leaders of the generals.

Bowser Jr. - First general to be brought into the realm. Is one of the leaders.

Dib - Dating Scipy. Is from Invader Zim universe and a very experienced general.

Alphalpha - A Pokemon. Very close to I.Scipy and trained well. Leader of the Pokemon Branch.


Dirpy - A friend of I.Scipy's, able to watch over a realm. Leader of the MLP Branch.

Other LeadersEdit

Marilyn Boggs - Co-Leader of the Monsters Inc. Branch. Hates I.Scipy and throwing.

President Fawful - President of the Mushroom Kingdom Branch. (It's the f******** Mario Branch....)

And  actualy write the full names here....


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