Random Wing
Random Wing
Background Imformation
First Appearance Unknown
Basic Imformation
Full Name Random Wing
Age Same as Meist
Race Pegasus
Eye Color Green
Abilities Flight
Notable Facts Although his background is unknown, his inspiration was a creator.
People they Associate With
Friends Meistenia, Chameleon Boggs, Marilyn, I.Scipy
Creator I.Scipy
Random Wing is a pegasus. He mainly only has cameo appearances. His talent is making people happy by being random, explaining his cutie mark, a smiling face with question marks for eyes. His love interest is unconfirmed, although Meistenia is suggested as one. Pink Kitten also may be used.


His origin hasnot been made clear, although Meistenia did say that there will be clues. She also mentioned that I.Scipy would request his position in the possibly upcoming intro to be a few inches away but still next to Chameleon Boggs, both would be hovering in the sky. I.Scipy also says his talent came from her own thoughts about the person  he was based off of, and mentioned him having creator abilities.
Random Wing flying fast

Information from his CreatorEdit

"Random Wing's colors would've had some purple if I'd remembered to put it in. He's a fast flyer, with a yellow coat and a dark pink mane with pink tips, and a pink and green tail. He is very random, and his cutie mark's a smiley face with question marks for eyes.  He was based off of a friend I met online, and there will be clues, but what creator doesn't say something random at least once in a while? He could even be based off a FEMALE creator. Only I know who, though. *evil grin*  He's got some creator magic, and he's a pretty good friend. I dunno who to pair him with, by I ship him with Meist. That, of course, will effect the Main 6, so I still haven't picked."

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