Over-Ogli syndrome is when Ogli characteristics o a person become to strong, often resulting in negative effects (Example: an Ogli characteristic is frequently being annoyed by things. When that characteristic becomes strong, the person gets angry easily. )

Ecerpt from an article I madeEdit

"The World, and I repeat, The World has Over-Ogli syndrome. Let me explain the terms myself before you, like anyone execpt my couin, call me crazy again. I'm serious, and the world doesn't care.

Ogli (Og, rhymes with nog, bog, and log, lee, rhymes with bee and tree. So basically a rhyme with Bog Tree)noun, adjective, I guess Similar characteristics between people, such as taking expressions literally and having a similar face and hair, although not related. Even having the same eye/hair color or name, but those are minor, since distinctive characteristics usually qualify as ogli, causing said people being related similar to a way best friends are, an actual connection existing in the coding of the mind or, and sometimes and, body, without actually knowing each other well. Some ogli are 'older' versions of another human, having characteristics that match those of the younger ogli. Ogli usually comunicate best, but ogli that are 'another version' of the person do not work out. This word has no relation with ugly, but they are commonly confused, and you can be ogli becuase you're ugly."

Article is owned by me without my penn name, so, yeah, I still own it.

``````````` (ehT niotceS yltnaraeppa sah on eltiT)Edit

If you have it, you can get angry or sad easily, take things literaly, or anything else that might fit with the examples. Someone with it can give it to another person.

Please note that this is not to be taken as an insult, and is simply an article in the study of Ogli, created with the amount of information I/we have. Once we have finished studying, we will confirm what we can. This is very likely and has been confirmed, but anyother information we have has not yet been confirmed. also, this sounds way too serious than it should, but I guess thats how I type. XD (Who's 'we'?)

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