Name: MiTH
HNI 0013


Species: SIR Unit

Owner: Scipy

Color: Purple and Yellow

Most Likely To Say: "Of course, my master." "I see you have some skill, but you are a useless human."



MiTH is Scipy's robot, which she created and designed. She is a very cruel, emotionless, robot, thinking everyone is a fool and that humans are useless. She can be very voilent, and is very powerful. MiTH is also prone to malfunction, where she acts stupid and runs around screaming. She is very loyal to Scipy, and will do whatever she says.


MiTH has a large, pointy, jester-like, hat that's purple and yellow. Her face is pure white on  the right side and blue on the left. She has a purple collar. There is a black wire running from her right shoulder to above her left hand. Her arms are silver and her body is purple and yellow in the same stule as her hat. Her hands are round, with two claw-like fingers on each one. Her legs are black and she has black, bird-like feet. Her eyes and mouth are pink. They are lights that change expressions depending on what MiTH is "feeling", not actual eyes and mouth.


  • If you've never heard of him or couldn't already tell, her design was based off of Dimentio.
  • Although she has bird's feet, she can still run quickly. They actualy help her by giving her the ability to grip branches and other things she might have to stand on of climb.

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