Meistenia or Meist is an original character created by I.Scipy. She is one of the leaders of I.Scipy's realm,

Meist, in a stalking position
Background Imformation
First Appearance Unknown
Basic Imformation
Full Name Meistenia
Occupation Element of Modesty
Race Pegasus
Eye Color Blue
Abilities Creator abilities, Swimming
Notable Facts Can swim using wings
People they Associate With
Family Pool Fountain (sister)
Friends Tropical Smarts, Mint Hawk,

DogKiller, Water Ripple

Creator I.Scipy
otherwise known as here, were I.Scipy is currently trying to add all of her OCs and fanon stuff (Note the trying).  She watches over the newest universe added to the list of universes that end up being in the realm, Monsters Inc., whereas Dirpy currently leads the MLP branch, and Marilyn was sent out on her first task to watch over Monsters University, considering her knowledge of the nearby realm.


Meist, like all ponies, was once a child without her cutie mark. While swimming with some other ponies, she discovered her wings worked very well in water. Eventually running out of air underwater, she sprang up from under the surface and then splashed back under on her back, and broke the surface one last time, creating what she called the 'water rainboom'. She discovered her talent for flying through water, earning her cutie mark, a wave.

Later, she somehow met Water Ripple, Tropical Smarts, DogKiller, and Mint Hawk, the Main 6 of the MLP branch. The other member, Pool Fountain, is her sister, so they already knew each other.

She is the Element of Modesty, as she hates bragging and although she likes to perform, she doesn't expect (or want) anyone to say anything. 

She enjoys flying trough rainclouds, swimming, and occasionally making people dizzy and forcing people to make cupcakes, most commonly when she's in the MU branch of the realm. 


She is a mint green pegasus, with a brown mane and tail and blue eyes. Her cutie mark is a wave.


Meist is a modest, mostly happy and serious pegasus. Although she normaly isn't  random, she sometimes will be, especialy around Random Wing and Tropical Smarts. She is freindly, laughs at her own mistakes, and hates when people say "Good job!" and "You were great!" after peforming. 

Nightmare MeistEdit

Meist has an alternate version of herself called Nightmare Meist. This pony works for Dark Fawful and cosplays.


  • She was originally able to shape-shift and use magic, although she doesn't have a horn.
    • Her cutie mark was a streching snake.
    • She would have worn a fake horn, like a party hat.
  • She was originally a color swap of Fluttershy.
  • Her talent is similar to Water Ripple's talent of controling water.
  • She has creator magic, and commonly uses it to draw requests from her friends.
  • She was based off of her creator, and she is her pony counterpart.
  • She is also a singer and artist.


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