Background Imformation
First Appearance Unknown
Inspiration Randall and Dean Hardscrabble
Basic Imformation
Full Name Marilyn Maggie Boggs
Age 2 months younger than Randall
Occupation Performing, singing, and sometimes Scaring (formerly)
Home Unknown, most likely somewhere in Randall's house
Race Monster
Eye Color Pink
Clothing Pink jacket, white shirt, and a pink skirt
Equipment Flute
Weapons Sometimes her flute
Abilities Playing her flute, shape-shifting by playing her flute in her former design
Notable Facts She resembles The Dean, but they are unrelated.

She has a small spark of creator magic. She hates creators.

People they Associate With
Family Randall Boggs (cousin) Li'l Lizard (brother)
Friends I.Scipy (formerly) Meistenia, Tropical Smarts
Enemies I.Scipy
Creator I.Scipy

Marilyn is an original character created by I.Scipy.  She has met the naerby realms, and her creator is currently trying to get her involved.


Marilyn wasn't known by much of the family. She used to sing songs with her cousin, Randy, and they always were close. She was one of the lead singers in her school's performance group, along with Terri and Terry. Her cousin took her to Monsters Inc. one day.

She later met the other realm, and befriened people who don't have pages yet. She eventualy grew to dislike I.Scipy. 

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