This is the staff for this wiki. If you want to become an admin, chatmod, or rollback, contact Scipy. If you would like to create a category, you will need to ask me for promission unless you have the 3 circles of trust. The current staff is listed below, and will be updated whenever a new user joins it.


Invader Scipy: Active, The founder. Signature: Oxygen-poor blood isn't blue (talk)

Circle of Trust membersEdit

Nobody yet.

Rollback and Chat ModeratorsEdit

None yet.

Retiered Admins and ChatmodsEdit

None yet.

Blocked UsersEdit

Luckily, none yet.

Welcome to the User Policy! Please read it carefully, and if you have any questions, write them under that rule's FAQ.

Language and GrammarEdit

Swearing: Swearing, or using a curse word, is not allowed. You will be warned about swearing once, so be careful. If you swear again, you will be given a one-day block. This warning and block will be given as a Private Message and one-day ban from chat as a separate notification from swearing out of chat.


Grammar: Grammar does not need to be perfect, but it does need to be readable. This means that you cannot write in an article like this: "i liyk dis foan mi got pairint miyn it reelee kewl," but you do not need to worry about grammar in the comments and message walls. I'm not asking you to use the greatest and most professional English, I'm just asking you to  write readable articles. If you do make a few grammar mistakes in articles, they will be corrected. Incorrect spelling and grammar will not result in a block. The errors will only be corrected.


Insulting: Insulting will not be tolerated. You cannot say "just kidding" or anything like that, because users may still take it as an insult, even though you didn't mean it that way. You will be warned twice about insulting. If you insult users after these warnings, you will be given a three-day block. This is not separate from chat.


  • Emoticons an Other Fun Things: Emoticons and accents are totally acceptable. So is roleplaying. Sometimes, "I valk like zis." This will not get you blocked. These fun things are not acceptable in articles, though.


Accounts and BadgesEdit

There are a few rules about having and account and earning badges. They are:

  • All users are accepted, no matter how old you are or if you have a user account or not.
  • Sockpuppetry is OK when it is not used to get out of a blocked. If you use it to get out of a block, you will be given a one-month block for sockpuppeting. Sockpuppetry is the use of multiple accounts.
  • The trust circle badges are used to know that we trust you. Do not make nonsense edits to get badges. This will result in a two-hour block, I'm still not sure why that's one of the block settings.
  • If you do not edit your profile within the first few days, you will be notified by an admin about the lack of editing. This does not have any relation to a punishment.


Reporting a UserEdit

To report a user that has broken a rule, you will need to notify an admin. It is recomended that you give them all availible proof. The user will then be warned or blocked.


(comments for my user page go here! this is the only section you can edit. Leave your signature so I know who you are)

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