|name        =  Johnny and Franklin 
|first       = None
|voice       =  None
|inspiration = Monsters University
|awards      = Creator powers (Johnny)
|fullname    = Johnny Sullivan Boggzowski (Johnny) Franklin Randall Boggzowski (Franklin)
|personality =  intelligent, jealous, helpful (Franklin) Kind, helpful, understanding (Johnny)
|occupation  = Time travelers, formerly normal college students
|goal        =  To solve cases along with Tropical Smarts and Meistenia
|home        = A box in a clearing near MU (part of Marilyn' series) A bedroom in an alternate version of MU (most cases)
|family      = Each other (brothers)
|friends    = Marilyn, Scipy, Meist, Tropical Smarts, anyone else in the good group.
|enemies     = ROR, anyone evil
|likes       = Using school supplies as weapons, dictionaries
|dislikes    = Being teased, getting dictionaries thrown at them
|powers      = Teleporting, creating portals (Johnny)
|weapons     = Textbooks, rulers, pencils and rubber bands (sometimes)
|quote       =


They started out as normal students in Monsters University, until they went off to do a small job for Monsters Inc.: Making scare cardsand other things. Somehow, they mixed up the names, and they had to turn everyone back to normal. Soon being trapped in a trailer with Randall (and somehow falling into it and clinging to the door),they continued trying to open the door, until finally collecting scream energy using a plan formed by Franklin and having Johnny perform the scaring. They barely made it back into MU. Later, the Dean gives them an award of being time travelers. They soon became Johnny and Franklin.



  • Johnny and Franklin are technically immortal.
  • Johnny talks and sings more then Franklin.

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