General Di
HNI 0011
Di (pronounced "D.I.") With General B
Background Imformation
First Appearance Unknown
Basic Imformation
Full Name General "Di" Dimentio
Occupation Working for I.Scipy, protecting her realm.
Home Mario Town, I.Scipy's realm
Race Unknown
Eye Color Yellow and Black
Clothing If you would count it, his purple cloak
Weapons Magic wand (The "Magic Stick" (as I.Scipy calls it))
Abilities Basic powers of Generals, Light Running (creating trails of stars to run on), teleportation, and some magic of his own
People they Associate With
Creator Generals are taken from canon, not created.
General Di is another one of I.Scipy's generals, the protectors and authority of her kingdom. Being one of the newest generals, he hasn't experienced any difficulty during missions (if any), but he is still one of the friendliest generals, and one of the few that actually use teleporting.


I.Scipy found Dimentio in a world of nothing, rescued him, and recruited him as a general. Since then Di has always been grateful, even though he couldn't remember the experience.


Di is a happy general. His personality is somewhat similar to Dimentio himself, an issue with the personality change that comes when a general is recruited. He can act very childish when angry, and can be put into a personality change leaving him evil and unchanged from his past self.


Di hasn't met many generals. He is best friends with General B (Blu), and often argues with General F (Fawful).


  • Di suffers from a small depression
  • He is the only general with a purple cloak

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