Drawing my Requests or Finishing Drawing Requests is a song sung by Meist while she's drawing requested pictures from her friends. It is a parody of MLP FIM: Art of the Dress.


Sketch by sketch, drawing it together

Someone's head, falling in a pattern stroke by stroke

Making sure the lines align nicely

It's the perfect color and so hip

Always gotta keep in mind my pacing

Making sure the head's correctly facing

I'm drawing someone's head

Yard by yard, fussing on the details

Draw neckline, don't you know a gap check prevents nine?

Making something perfect to inspire

Even though I hate detailed attire

Gotta mind those intimate details

Even though I'd rather draw on hair

It's somebody's garments

Drawing is easy, for this section something pink

This texture something breezy

Blend color and form,

Do you think it looks cheesy?

To draw fur, perhaps my crayon

Mouth and eyes, couldn't you just simply die?

Making sure it's the right shade of red

Don't forget some shading on the head

Even though it rides high on the flank

No one will look like a tank

I'm drawing a request

Line by line, sketch by sketch

Head, legs, hands, shoulders, hip

Stroke by stroke, and don't press

Yard by yard, never stressed

Finishing drawing resquests

Random Wing: Now, the lines on the characters need to be technically accurate. Mike has scales, not fur.


Mark by mark, sketching it together

Deadline looms, don't you know the client's always right?

Even if my lines were laid out perfect

Gotta get them all done by tonight

Tropical, that color's too obtrusive

Wait until you see it in the light

I'm drawing them together!

Tropical Smarts: Don't you think my outfit would be more "me" with some spirals?

Meistenia: Well, I think...

Tropical Smarts: Characters?

Meistenia: Well...

Tropical Smarts: DO IT!


Paper by paper, one more change

I'm connecting lines together, take great pains

Colorchange, you're putting me in a bind

Water Ripple, what is on your mind?

Oh my gosh, there's simply not much time

Don't forget, Fountain's character shines

Drawing is easy, every customer's call

Brings a whole new revision

Have to pick up the pace, still hold to my vision

Random Wing: That head looks more like a frog, not a lizard.

Colorchange: GIR hugging Zim in front of his house with Dib and Gaz watching, please.

Meistenia: Ugh...

Pool Fountain: What if they look like a Mary-Sue? Another character!

Tropical Smarts: More flowers! Oh no, that's too many flowers. Longer hair! Oh, shorter hair. Oh wait, I know. Makeup!

Meistenia: Makeup?

Tropical Smarts: Whose character is this?

Meistenia: Makeup it is.

Water Ripple: What?

Meistenia: Aren't you going to tell me to change something too?

Water Ripple: No, I just want my OC to be cool.

Meistenia: Do you not like the color?

Water Ripple: The color's fine, just make it look cooler.

Meistenia: Do you not like the shape?

Water Ripple: The shape's fine, just make the whole thing... you know, cooler.

[Tropical Smarts]

All we ever want is indecision

[Water Ripple]

All we really like is what we know

[Random Wing]

Gotta count the eyeballs and the fingers


Making sure you get all of those details

[Pool Fountain]

Even if you simply think it looks bad


Make sure that it stays the way we want it


Got to overcome intimidation

Remember, it's all in the presentation!

Line by line, sketch by sketch

Head, mouth, hands, shoulders, hip

Snip by snip, more requests

Yard by yard, always stressed

Finishing drawing requests

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