Robo pony
Background Imformation
First Appearance Drawing my Requests
Inspiration Robo
Basic Imformation
Full Name Colorchange
Age 23
Occupation Evil Minion of Mechanical Pony, Megatron
Race Earth pony
Eye Color Brown
Clothing Glasses, if that counts
Equipment Glasses
People they Associate With
Friends Meistenia, I.Scipy Voilin, Amine, MusicKicks, Germany
Enemies All who made fun of her
Pets Pet dark dragon, Skales
Minions Vehicon ponies
Creator Robo

Bio: Colorchange is the laughing stack of Ponyville, Nothing she does is right, But Colorchange hates her kind, she works for a Evil Mechanical Pony, who wants to kill all the other ponys, who that are not Robotic, Ponies, She pretends to be like the other ponies, so she can lure them into Death Traps, As a foul she was treated Differently, all her friends betrayed her for no reason, just because they found out, they didnt like her Outgoing random personaity, She only has a few friends from her childhood, Voilin her musical friend, MusicKicks, Sport and Musical friend  Amine Friend that likes Anime, Germany her friend that can speak german

EG Colorchange

EG Colorchange by Invader Scipy

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