• Invader Scipy


    My world is a small kingdom with a few towns, each with characters and OCs from worlds I like.

    Generals are characters taken from canon to work for me.

    Thinkland is a place where characters get hurt. Those are called damage targets. There are other citizens of Thinkland that are just normal characters.

    The only OC from Thinkland is X-Billy, I believe.

    This is basic stuff for my world.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • Invader Scipy


    November 18, 2013 by Invader Scipy

    Prince Peasley sat in Starbean Cafe. He ordered two coffees, one for him and one for his girlfriend, Pearl. She wasn't there yet but she would arrive soon. Tapping his foot and sipping coffee, Peasley looked at the clock. It was 12:55. He finished his coffee and started drinking Pearl's, tossing the empty cup into the trash. He then ordered a third, it was no problem, he had money.



    Peasley continues tapping his foot. Pearl was late, and he was beginning to need to use the restroom. His fingers twitched around his empty coffee cup. Watching the waiter pour coffee wasn't helping much either. He pressed his legs together. He wouldn't be humiliated in the kingdom he ruled!



    Prince Peasley had crushed the cup in his hands. He hoped …

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  • Invader Scipy

    MLP Bases

    November 11, 2013 by Invader Scipy


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  • Invader Scipy

    Happy Halloween

    October 20, 2013 by Invader Scipy

    Happy Halloween! For this year, I've made ponies in there costumes and I'm taking requests.

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  • Invader Scipy

    Story Excerpt

    September 28, 2013 by Invader Scipy

    The small child woke up. Lifting his head from under the newspaper on top of it, he slowly climbed out of the box he'd been sleeping in. He heard the sound of animals' footsteps. "Animals. Animals don't mean good luck." he frowned, standing up. He walked out off the alley he'd slept in. No parents, no money, no vision, no anything. He sighed. There were no orphaneges in the BeanBean Kingdom. If only someone could find him, adopt him.

    If anyone can guess who 'he' is, you get a drawing request.

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  • Ocelot Trigger


    September 5, 2013 by Ocelot Trigger


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  • Invader Scipy

    Scipy Speaking

    August 11, 2013 by Invader Scipy
    • GIR-ish voice*Hello! This is Scipy! (Linking, hehehehe) We'd really like it if y'all would create some canon pages thingies. We've got a lot of red links, and you kinda know the canon, so just start 'em off with ]] Message me! :D Contact my creator.
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  • Invader Scipy

    So I have too many ideas that involve so many creatures that I created any so many characters and anything and everything, and I just NEEEEED to write it all down. So it's time for the first crisscross mix-matched crossover craziness: Spinning Twists. Whether it's getting put into a roller coaster, or adding a twist to a character's life, it's all spinning around in my mind and ready to be stopped.

    Starring Meist, a brief appearance of Marilyn, I.Scipy, and one of Meist's best tricks: The Dizzy Rain Tunnel

    Gathered in front of Monsters University was a group of people, some students, some other creatures, and one human. A mint green pegasus flapped her wings. A small yellow tabby cat hopped excitedly. A girl in a red outfit with a flimsy hea…

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